Thursday, December 3, 2009

Orange Juice with Soymilk - Oh Yum

What goes on the shelf nowadays is mind-boggling, especially as the new items are marketed with vivid colors, the strong suggestion of 'health', and with labels obviously portraying fruits and vegies and other health-favorable items. One brand of soymilk now is sold with nuts (at least walnuts are on the label); another brand of soymilk and milk itself is sold in banana, strawberry, chocolate and coffee flavors; but when I happened across the fruit juice section in a convenience store and saw "orange juice with soymilk", I thought that marketing had stretched beyond the unpalatable in mixing two drinks that seem to me to be so uncomplimentary: an acidic fruit drink with a creamy bean in liquid format!

As yet, I have seen no one drinking this perhaps superior health drink [surely everyone knows that orange juice and soymilk are both body health builders!!] but then I only noticed it in the market for the first time yesterday. Somehow I don't think this will be an export item any time soon .... but as a participant observer I suppose I should give it a try and give my honest opinion rather than base my judgments on pure nutritional ethnocentrism.

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  1. 2 other great combos here:

    Beer cocktails (beer and freshly squeezed fruit juice)

    Milkis (milk and Cider/7 up)