Sunday, November 21, 2010

Glenn Sundeen's Photo Exhibition

A colleague Glenn Sundeen put together a very impressive collection of photography at the Guillaume Boulangerie in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul from October 22 to November 19. Originally from Canada, his past eight years in Seoul, Korea, and with wealth of travel experiences between, his eyes and his lens have focused on and captured arresting scenes, tranquil moments and an artist's palette of people. He is a self-proclaimed traveller, historian, educator and photographer (in that order) and bringing all these experiences together he has created his project based on his transmigration from rural Canada to urban Asia, Life and Land. His collection is filled with images that "bring to mind one of the great unifying traits of our plant, the attachment to the land we live on, be it temperate or tropical, rural or urban, rich or poor." On closing night (which I unfortunately had to leave before his arrival) he gave final thoughts on his experiences and unique anecdotes behind some of his choice pictures, embuing the pictures with the rich history behind the moment of life forever trapped in still form. Pictured above is one of his Canadian shots, the isolated homestead now forever remembered in a field of golden flowers and canopied by the wide Canadian sky. More of his pictures are viewable at

Guillaume Boulangerie was a well-chosen (although little bit tough to find) coffee shop with an art gallery for young and upcoming artists or artists not wishing to hire expensive galleries in famous buildings. The double-function coffee-shop slash art gallery is a win-win situation for the artist and the shop itself for it is affordable for the artist to get exposure or publicly present on the theme that impassions him or her in a place that is tasteful and elegant. For the coffee shop the gallery brings in people wishing to view the gallery and who inevitably linger to enjoy the rich wooden decor, choice coffees, eye-popping desserts and the display shelves of coffees and gifts lighted in the evening most romantically by tea lights.

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