Friday, August 19, 2011

Apt Complex Roof Repairs

My cat was fascinated by the movement on the rooves in my apartment complex and would daily watch the roof tile repairmen as they migrated from building to building overhauling the rooves: removing old tiles and shingles, retarring and then reshingling. They worked either before or after teams of painters came in, rigged up long ropes and descending over the sides of the buildings for giving the complex a whole new look. They painted over the tired wintry colors popular in the last couple of decades and put on a fresh autumn color scheme.

The painters were fast, team painting an entire building in about 2 days. There were the spray painters [they must have terrible lungs and carpal tunnel from breathing in all that continuous spray and repetitively squeezing the spray nozzle for hours on end.] My cat especially loved these guys because they would swing to and fro lowering themselves slightly with every other pass, repetitive movements that cats who have all the classic symptoms of autism love. Following the spray painters were guys descending on ropes also but they didn't swing so rhythmically back and forth but instead had several sizes of paint brushes fixed to them or their bucket and they would touch up the edges around the windows if needed and make the perpendicular lines as straight as possible.

For days and days, instead of watching and cackling at pigeons on the distant rooves, the cat supervised the movements of the men. The roofers had no safety ropes and I couldn't help but wonder how much their life insurance policies would cost, especially as they cat-walked on the slanted roof tops 20 to 25 stories above the earth.

Several weeks later:

A friend just told me that the government has "suggested" (in Korean, 'suggested' but in English 'required') certain color schemes in construction with the overall attempt of "beautifying Seoul" and making it look harmonious, kind of like living in the familiar environs of a single organism wherever you may live in the great metropolitan city.

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