Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dolmen at Sahmyook University

Sahmyook University is located outside of Seoul proper, and is far enough away from a subway line that is still considered quite rural although 10 minutes walk locates a person in the middle of a thriving suburbia. Having stately red pines lining the main entrance drive and thick green overhead foliage, the air seems cleaner and the pace of life slows to enjoy the surroundings.

Especially in fall, the display of colors is vivid. Not surprising, nestled among tall trees and pebbled paths are a line-up of dolmen (고인돌), neolithic stones for ritual or burial purposes. While the dolmen are just stylized recreations, unlike a couple of those that were actually excavated and relocated to larger universities - Korea University, for example - the setting seems natural enough for such remembrances of a bygone time.

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