Saturday, December 10, 2011

Multimedia Exhibition: "Liberating Herstories"

"한풀이 Liberating Herstories" is a multimedia exhibition organized by the House of Sharing International Outreach Team (all volunteers - 3 pictured below) to raise awareness of the need for the former Japanese "comfort women" to get acknowledgement and apologies for their years of war crimes against them. The Japanese government maintains absolute silence on the matter or states that the comfort houses (brothels) were operated by private entrepreneurs. This series of events by the Sharing House Int'l Outreach Team intentionally created this week of awareness to coincide with the 1000th demonstration of former comfort women in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul. (More on this topic on December 14, the day of the 1000th protest.)

Liberating Herstories awareness-raising schedule:

2/10 Sat 8-10:30pm ..... Acoustic Performance
Opening Night Fundraising Event

2/11 Sun 2:30-5pm ..... Film Screening
나의 마음은 지지않았다 "My Heart Is Not Yet Broken"

2/12 Mon 7-9pm ..... Film Screening
"Women, War & Peace" (indirectly related to the Korean comfort woman issue)

2/13 Tues 7-9pm ..... Film Screening
끝나지 않은 전쟁 "63 Years On"

2/14 Wed 11:45am - 1pm
일본군 "위안부" 생존자들의 1000번째 정기 수요시위 / 1000th Wednesday Protest

12/14 Wed 7-9pm ..... Workshop
한국 성산업의 현재 "Sex Industry in Korea Today"
by 다시함께센터 대표, the former director of Dasihamkke Center

12/15 Thurs 5-7pm ..... Film Screening
난징 댜학살 "The Rape of Nanking"

12/15 Thurs 7-9pm ..... Workshop
생존자 할머니와의 투쟁 / Activism with the Halmoni
by 한국정신대문제대책협의회 / Korean Council for Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan

12/16 Fri 6-8pm ..... Workshop
미군 기지촌의 필리핀 여성들 "Filipino Women in US Military Camptowns"
by 두레방/Duraebang

12/16 Fri 8-8:30pm ..... 입찰경매 / Silent Auction
Closing Night Fundraising Event

12/16 Fri 8:30-9:30 ..... Film Preview
"Within Every Woman" w/ Q&A by director and producer

There are no entrance fees, but donations will be accepted throughout the week. All proceeds through donations and the auction of various halmoni's artwork will be divided equally among the House of Sharing, Durebang, and the Korean Council (for Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan). For more information:

House of Sharing - 할머니's artwork

Durebang (Durebang in Oijeongbu (not Pyoungtek) where the women servicing the American military are in their late 50s and 60s)

The Korean Council for Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan

Cafe Anthrocite, the hosting facility

Cafe Anthrocite (카페 앤트라싸이트) is offering their meeting room adjacent to their Bohemian-style coffee shop free of charge as well as gallery space on their second floor. The decor inside is that of a renovated warehouse complete with patchworking on the cement walls, and holes in the gallery wall upstairs. The ambience is actually fitting for a place of dark secrets to be discussed - the room had a chill and the lighting was bare-bulbed and austere, very reminiscent of war times and basic shelter being met.

However, the wafts of home-brewed coffees and freshly made chocolates and scones warmed the soul.

To get to Cafe Anthrocite, get off at Sangsu Station (line 6), exit 4, and walk about 3 minutes to the Family Mart on your left. Turn left and walk 2 minutes or so and just before getting to 장미 아파트 located on your right, turn right. At the next small crossroads, turn left and walk 2-3 minutes. Cafe Anthrocite looks like a two-story white shed-wafehouse opposite Humanville Apts, but it's quite popular for gallery exhibitions ... and of course the coffee is spectacular!

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