Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Modern-day Postcards of Kyeongju Sites

Anapji Lake, a marvel of construction and the site where a prince lived in yangban style elegance, complete with an ice house for cooling himself in the heat of the summer.
Seokbingo, Ice Storehouse

Cheonmado, or the celestial/heavenly flying horse
This painting was found in what is now known as the Flying Horse Tomb/Tumuli. The white horse painting was on one side of a birch bark saddle flap and is considered one of the finest art finds from the Shilla period. Cheonmado (Painting of the Heavenly Horse), No. 207 National Treasure

Several gold crowns were found in excavated tombs/tumuli but this one is considered to be one of the finest. The weight of the crown is actually too much to hold up the long strands of decorative gold, hence the slight drooping of the strands. The strands are interpreted to be antlers of a deer, and they are ornately decorated with 77 blue jade pieces. This is National Treasure 191; however, it is not the only royal and decorative crown excavated. Many others certainly exist and are National Treasures in their own right.
Reliefs of Buddha at Chilburam

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