Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tasting Korean Culture

March 1991 was when I first came to Korea. I lived in Kwangju, a city in a remote area, and because of its remoteness, I learned more traditional culture than my friends who were teaching in Seoul (capital), Incheon (western port city), Daejeon (central city), Daegu (eastern central city), and Pusan (thriving southeastern port city). Because Kwangju wasn’t a port city and there were 35 foreigners registered in the city of over 1 million at that time and because the American air base being retained there since the Korean War was being shut down, there was hardly any access to western food via any black market or even western culture or even much English for that matter. During that first year way down south my five colleagues and I were forced to go somewhat Korean, and I loved it! We certainly learned a lot! These slides via food show some of the cultural contrasts that have occured in South Korea within the last two decades. 

Bibimbop: Origins and Brief History
Soju and the Provinces

Chuseok at Emart
Seolnal: Lunar New Year's Day
March 14, White Day
Pepero Day
Pica Foods and Diversity

Red Peppers Introduced to Korea
The Birth of Ramen Noodles
Kimchi ... Gimchi, Korea's National Dish
Japan Korea Kimchi Dispute


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