Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carbon Footprint

For my freshmen students' final presentation, groups of three were made and the groups had the freedom of choosing a social or environemental problem, and then to do research on their topic. They were given the guidelines of 3.5~5 minutes and 3~5 slides per individual. The reason being for limiting the number of slides is to get students to give an oral presentation rather than just a visual one. More specifically, students were to do the 3-step method when presenting each slide, i.e. (1) introduce the picture/data, (2) explain the picture/data, and (3) emphasize the picture/data following the principle of "If you write it, talk about it; if you show it, explain it." This following presentation was given by Park So Mi, Kim Ji Hyun and Oh Chan Ho, and is published here by their permission. This was one of the best presentation of the semester so I asked to share it and they were delighted that others would be interested in their well-organized research. Very phenomenal job, guys!

[ originally printed in my blog Anthroscopes on February 11, 2013, also under "Carbon Footprint" ]

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