Saturday, September 26, 2015

Art in a Park

Students in a wide age range from kindergarten to high school were scattered throughout a temple ground, not a park (but it sounds so much better to use assonance). The students had such a beautiful range of drawings of various aspects of the temple and were using such a wide array of art supplies that I felt inspired to document the range of artistry employed in Korea. The US is just so deficient in art training and usage of artistic supplies and skills ... it's so sad ... so seeing this is truly inspirational to me!

coloring with oil pastels - the Korean version of Crayola crayons

tubed Chinese water color paints (which have more glue than typical water colors)
And a paint palette to squeeze out the water color paints in
Felt-tipped markers
very inexpensive water colors in plastic tubes so very popular in elementary school arts and crafts
the typical elementary and middle school medley of art materials: wax-based pastels, colored markers, paintbrushes ...
more of the wax-based pastels (the Korean crayon)
Very nice! water color pencils! 

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