Monday, November 2, 2015

Little Girl in Hanbok

Sometimes the camera is right there at the right time to catch a spot of particular brightness, a flash of divine movement, or even a glimpse of familial joy. This young family was wandering in some of the back gardens of Unhyeongung, a royal residence but not one of the primary five royal palaces of Korea, in hopes of getting an annual post-Chuseok shot. The gardens were poetically picturesque, and they should be as they once housed extended members of the royal family. Though once owned by nobility, the gardens and palace grounds have been owned by Seoul city government since 1993 and have been turned into a royal complex museum open to the public. The palace, reduced from original size because of selling off some of its land, has been restored by the Seoul city government to some of its former royal glory and TV clips are regularly filmed here as well as being a place to formally hold banquets, private wedding ceremonies and the bi-annual reenactment of King Kojong and Queen Min's royal wedding.

With this in mind, seeing a family posing for family shots in this picturesque royal garden is not a surprise at all. Quite entertaining in fact, and this family particularly so, as getting the children to be still for a family shot was like herding cats in a hailstorm. The two photographers kept chuckling as one child was rounded up and the other was off running somewhere or sitting and playing in the dirt. I did catch a few good ones and just had to share ... the family was absolutely adorable!

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