Saturday, June 11, 2016

RAS Garden Party 2016 and Selfies

Every year the Royal Asiatic Society Korean Branch has their annual Garden Party, typically alternating one year at the British ambassador's residence (2013 and 2014) where the British ambassador is the honorary president of the RASKB and the other year at the American ambassador's residence (2015). This year again we were at the British ambassador's where the garden is a total delight. And or course to host such an event because of posting signs leading to the event, food arrangements, book set up on long tables, and then selling our large selection of English books on Korea we had volunteers. 

The historical British ambassador's residence
photo courtesy: Sue Bae
The honorary president of the RASKB (the British Ambassador) and our president Brother Anthony,
and on the far left is a former president of the RASKB
photo courtesy: Byung Geun Chun
Wonderful, wonderful books - all in English on various topics about Korea
and all at a 10-30% discounted rates to RASKB members
during the annual Garden Party/Book Fair.
photo courtesy: Sue Bae???
Three volunteers this year are students from Ajou University in Suwon, and without them, we would have been very inefficient and under-staffed. They did a great profession job, even looked professional in their black-and-white outfits, but immediately after the Garden Party was over and guests had pretty much left, they turned into selfie-snapping maniacs (haha!). Ah the ubiquitous snapping of selfies wherever people go. It was so funny and they seriously looked great, so I just asked them to hold their pose a few seconds longer so I could dig out my iPad and snap them in return. Candid shot!!!

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