Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Biking Jeju Island with Seoul Hiking Group

Attempting to bike around Jeju Island during the Chuseok holidays was awesome. Yeah, I attempted the 3-day grueling trip with 26 people, but along with 7 others I dropped out. I didn't mind the rain from the approaching typhoon Malakas, but I did mind not getting food that I could eat. The other bikers ate at Dunkin Donuts, GS25 and other convenient stores along the way, ramen and candy bars, and when we stopped for camping our group made pork steaks and a few veggies. Well, my body wants a lot of veggies and preferably no meat. Only a ramen shop was open. Not good.

Eggs, bananas and sugary peanut butter and passed on the muffin. And I still had a food reaction, so biking was exhausting. My gears stripped out on this day, so needed even more energy to pump the pedals. Just plain ran out of energy and only pumped along for 45 exhausting kilometers. No energy and lunch was at a noodle shop, so no way could I eat to get back energy, so that was it. I just plain ran out of energy (ugh on food reactions) and couldn't keep up the necessarily grueling pace to get around the island in 3 days. Ah, but I'll try again ... but next time at my own pace, maybe only 3-4 hours of biking a day and of course with plenty of time for sightseeing and dipping into the ocean and of course finding decent food to eat along the way.

Here's the itinerary Warren Kim with Seoul Hiking Group gave, horrendously grueling and I promise whoever reads this that there was absolutely no time to slow down and enjoy the sights, dip a foot in the ocean, eat a decent meal, or enjoy the promise of free time that this schedule suggests. Still, I have no regrets. It was an adventure, and I love adventures!

  from Wando (mainland) to Jeju City, passing through the Dadohae Marine National Park

With Hurricane Malakas heading directly towards us, we biked half of Day 1 in the rain ...
but at the end of the day at Hyeopjae Beach the sky turned fabulous!
There are 2 types of paths:
  • 1132 express road (around Jeju the shortest way)
  • seashore road : the old road that connects with 1132, crosses town and goes to the seashore—not all but most of seashore road commands great view of ocean and beach
♣ 1st day, North èè West]
distance: 50 km / 4~5 hours, along the seacoast, up and down hills
  • Yongdu-am (the volcanic Dragon-head rock) and seacoast
  • Tewu I-ho beach, twin giant troy horses!
  • Scenic Monument, natural endless cactus field! Are you sure in Korea?
  • Gwakji Gwamul beach, outdoor refreshing spring waterfall from rocks!
  • Hanrim beach (one of the most beautiful beaches with coral blue beach and Chagwido island)
  • camping at Hyeopjae beach
  • Free time : 1 hour distance to chocolate museum, botanical garden, horse theme park
♣ 2nd day, West èè South]
distance: 120 km / 10~11 hours or shortcut 90 km / 7~8 hours, some steep hills
  • Suwol-peak for a commanding view of a small east island and the seacoast
  • Songak-san (the sea-cliff which has the best view of the Jeju natural beauties of Sanbang-san)
  • Yongmeori-cliff (see the Hamel boat)
  • CheonJeyeon (waterfall)
  • Jusangjeolri (mysterious octagon and hexagon sea cliff of volcano rock)
  • Oedolgae - seacoast single rock
  • camping at Pyosun beach
  • Free time : 1 hour distance to art museum, horse riding, folk village, trickart museum, teddy bear museum, sex museum 
♣ 3rd day, South èè East èè North]
distance : 78 km / 5~6 hours, best view of coral sandy beaches and view of Sunrise Peak
(additional 25 km to Jeju City and ultimate finale)
  • Seongsan ilchul-bong (Sunrise Peak), black-sand beach
  • Woljeongri beach, best white powder-like beach
  • Gimyeong beach, best white powder-like beach
  • Hamdeok beach, white powder-like fine sand and coral-colored beach (Manjang Cave 0.5 km away by bike)

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