Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Foreigner Art Exhibition and Charity

The Yeoksam Global Village Center hosts a year-end party every year for foreign participants to reflect on "their experiences, thoughts and memories while living in Seoul". This year "The 9th Yeoksam Winter's Tale" evolved from a gathering into a full-blown art exhibition showcasing foreigner participants' artwork during the year. Victoria, one of the main art instructors, fueled the idea and gathered sponsors, stimulated art projects, and even argued for me to participate even though I hadn't attended any of her art classes for a long while because of scheduling complications.  Then once the concept of a public art exhibition took hold, the idea came that foreigners, who wanted to could put their work up in a silent auction to generate money for charity for the House of Sharing and a children's hospital. Many participants offered their works for sale, and I designated some of mine as well.

On this end of the long table are 15 small pieces that I entered into the exhibition. My art was all watercolor and mostly following an Asian theme. During November I had participated in an online Facebook painting challenge with OASlife, a small group of people who create Asian art using traditional materials and methods. The timing was fortunate as the November daily painting challenge had just come to a close.
Unfortunately I couldn't attend the opening ceremony, but I heard it was very well attended with over 100 people: musicians, dancers, participants, family members, some passersby and a few people who had received personal invitations. As I understand it, a lot of invitations were sent out so the event was thoughtfully advertised. 

All done by one very talented lady!
The exhibition was opened from December 5-7 (Tuesday - Thursday). The first day was quite well attended, but Wednesday and Thursday people sporadically wandered through. Lucky for me, only a few others were in the exhibition hall while I was there on Wednesday, so I could get a few pictures to commemorate the event and to take a very good look at some of the highly talented participants!

There were a few not so typical artistic creations on display, but then "art" is not just limited to paintings. Several artists exercised artistic license and created outside of the box. Here is a painting with ... real sea shells instead of painted ones. Living art! And the next one is by a lady who loved designed but told me she could hardly spell the word "paint". Paintbrushes might not be her thing, but her fashion art drew a lot of attention!

And then of course my favorite piece in the entire collection ... "Galaxy Cat." The lady who did this is a design major, and she certainly designed this well. She also used mixed media -- acrylic ink for the majority but only in close-up did I realize that the eyes were done with colored pencil!

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