Wednesday, May 30, 2012

At the Vet's

The vet's male cat ... with face dye!
Today was not a good day. I had to take my precious kitty Aulait into the vet's, and going outside of our house (except when she darts out for a quick peek at the world) terrifies her. Once I walked into the vet's though, she calmed down and just sat quietly as usual in her little carrier, trusting me and never complaining. The vet laughed last time and said she was like a puppy and not a cat when she accepted the two shots without flinching, growling or showing any sign of discomfort. His male cat is very pleasant, but has a yowly voice that he uses every once in a while, so I'm thinking that he might not take vaccinations and other treatment so well. It kind of kills me to see this male cat with "blushing" cheeks, which I just don't get. I don't think it's attractive or even cute at all. I'm all for letting cats look and be like cats without transforming their appearance to meet my human standards and expectations of "beauty". Humph on that. I think a cat looks more elegant without all the silliness of ribbons, outfits, shoes, and yikes - face dyes! OK, I'm off the topic.

Aulait was greeted by a female dog that was recovering from her spaying operation, thus the need for the girlie to wear the lampshade contraption to keep her from licking her wound. Aulait as usual totally ignored the existence of a beast lower on her food chain, even though the dog came snuffling in her face as she sat on my lap. Typical. I got Aulait from a pet shop when she was 4 months old and she and a few other kittens and a medium-sized dog just wandered around as they pleased in the shop. Maybe that's why she "understands" dogs and so no longer "sees" them. She's totally fearless in that department to the point of being highly intimidating to the "lesser creatures" that can't fathom a fearless cat.
Aulait (7), my little queen
Anyway, the reason for taking Aulait to the vet's today was that she's been declining more and more and lately has seemed to be in a lot of discomfort. I've given her barley green supplements for almost three years now to help her manage her symptoms and recently her discomfort, but it no longer works, and there comes a time when a forever sleep is a merciful act. What a tough decision. My writing is different today. My world is different, but knowing that she won't suffer anymore is what I have to focus on. She was an incredible cat that held my hand when she slept or used my arm as her pillow. How incredible does that make a person feel? Pretty special and pretty loved! I think I made her feel pretty wonderful too because we bonded from the moment I brought her home. And I know this may be pretty weird to some non-animal lovers, or even animal lovers, but Aulait and I had 정 - "jeong", that strange and unexplainable interconnectedness that supersedes blood; it's a relationship identified in the Korean language but not in English, a relationship that doesn't require language but is based on some kind of unexplainable metaphysical connection with a person, or animal, and gives almost complete mutual understanding between the two. Imagine that! "Jeong" with a cat! For me, no problem! It was pretty special :)

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