Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Emart on a Holiday

Why do I go shopping on a holiday (yesterday)? It seems that when I have free time, I think about special kinds of foods and so end up at Costco wanting to get some avocados and asparagus ... and there on a Sunday (a work holiday) I once waited in a line that wrapped half-way around the perimeter of the store just to go downstairs to the grocery department! Or I end up in Emart because I'm thinking of cauliflower, aloe vera leaves, celery and thick bunches of parsley. And today, I not so brightly thought about walking for exercise to Emart to get some of my favorite vegies ... of course not thinking that everyone else has freetime to also go to Emart and get their vegies, meat and kill holiday time browsing. And yes, the place was bustling with people, particularly the grocery department! The place was so full, in fact, that almost all of the shopping carts were taken by shoppers! There's no way I'd use a shopping cart on such a day, and besides, I wanted to walk home for more exercise with the food delights, so I grabbed a little held-held shopping basket and wove my way between slow bogged-down shoppers. Once I grabbed my vegies and was fleeing upstairs to get some stationery supplies, the aerial shot of semi-madness in the dry goods area below demanded a photo. But I have to say, it was no parallel to the congested madness in the grocery department. Ugh!

Heh heh heh, upstairs was much quieter but still shoppers were parking in the aisles and just present. Another ugh. Even shoppers were lining up for the long row of "free" chair massages. I love Emart for their larger vegie selection and for their massage chairs :) and on a busy stressful day, a nice long massage is available. Of course the purpose is to get people to make a purchase but I already have a chair-back shiatsu massager so don't need another, but the leg, back and shoulder chair massagers sure are nice after a long walk to Emart!

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