Friday, January 23, 2015

Environment-friendly Peanut House

In a presentation on a topic related to the environment, my students Ji-Baek, Yong-Suk and Go-eun put together a very well researched PowerPoint on the Peanut House, a new type of house that was developed as an economical and somewhat eco-friendly home here in South Korea. The concept of the "peanut" was used in that the peanut is a chambered pod and so the Peanut House is not an individual abode but a chambered home designed with two homes in mirror or replica form and sharing one piece of land and one overall construction. Architect Lee Hyun Wook is the designer and builder of the Peanut House, and his first Peanut House was built in 2011 in Yong-in. Because of its design with a yard and only maximum of a third-storey construction, land is needed and therefore this type of building only appears outside of the larger Korean cities.

Thank you Ji-Baek, Yong-Suk and Go-eun for allowing me to reproduce your fascinating research!

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