Sunday, November 20, 2016

Herb Restaurant (곤드래밥), by Woodblock Museum, Wonju

One of the tastiest restaurants I've been to, located at the bottom of the hill from the Gopanhwa Museum, 곤드래밥 restaurant. Awesome home-cooked food with great country ambience! The menu I believe is totally vegetarian, and totally good, and very reasonable priced too -- all under W10,000.

Gotta just love the country feel!

Can't remember what we ordered since everyone mostly ordered different items (lots of stress on the cook and her husband) but every dish was loaded with veggies and rich in natural homey flavors, and every dish is a recommend. 

This is the house menu - pumpkin and herb dolseotbibimbop. Simply amazing!

I'll definitely be back to the Gopanhwa Museum. I love the place, the monk who runs it and his wife, the whole ambience ... and the restaurant at the bottom of the hill. I've got future weekends already planned ... here just outside of Wonju!

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