Saturday, November 26, 2016

Suspension Bridge to Mt. Gamaksan

The recently constructed longest suspension bridge (150 meters) in South Korea is getting a fair amount of tourism. Warren Kim, leader of the Seoul Hiking & Nature Group, organized a busload of hiking enthusiasts to walk the bridge and climb the mountain behind, Mt Gamaksan, which offers a dramatic view from the sharp, rocky summit. From the summit also a person can look toward the north, beyond the DMZ, and get a clear view of North Korea, and on a clear day even the city of Gaeseong (the city that allows trade between North and South Koreas) can be seen. Because of this spectacular view, Mt Gamak is sometimes said to be "the closest mountain to the DMZ" which is not really true but is a great drawing card for tourism. But due to this reason, even the temple on the mountain trail to the top has a wishing pagoda for peaceful unification, and for Catholics, a Mother Mary figure on the peak.

As the date of departure approached, rain was in the forecast, but luck was on our side. The rain appeared as snow, the first snow of the year, and we got excellent pictures and had a fabulous time. 

Excellent W4,000 mountain herb bibimbop here!

Photo credits go to Warren of Seoul Hiking, Dong Wook Kim, and Eric. Nice shots, guys!

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