Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birds at Kyungpo Lake, Gangneung - part I

In a pavillion beside Kyungpo Lake in Kangneung on the east coast is a collection of the bird pictures and data on migrating birds that populate the lake at various times of year. Designed for educational purposes, the pavillion along with pay-as-you-use binoculars for spotting the birds and zooming in on their colorful markings help to raise awareness of the fast disappearing wildlife around Kyungpo Lake. The pavillion was built for educational purposes, especially since most Koreans are urban-dwellers and the younger generations are clueless about wildlife. So in the pavillion at least 40 birds populating the lake are identified with pictures, names, height & weight, breeding times, migration times when passing through or residing at Kyungpo Lake. Following are the 40 identified birds along with their names in English and Korean.

Great Cormorant 민물가마우리
Great Scaup 검은ㄱ머리횐죽지
Great Egret 중대백로
Common Greenshank 청다리도요
Grey Heron 왜가리
Cattle Egret 황로
Little Egret 쇄백로
Oriental Great Reed Warbler 개개비
Bull-headed Shrike 때까리
Sanderling 새가락도요
Common Kingfisher 물총새
Black-headed Gull 붉운부리갈매기
Mandarin Duck 춴앙
Black-winged Stilt 장다리물떼새
Common Kestrel 황조공이

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