Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birds at Kyungpo Lake, Gangneung - part II

Pictures continued of migratory and residing birds around Kyungpo Lake in Kangneung at the east coast.

Black-faced Spoonbill 저어새
Whooper Swan 큰고니
Bean Goose (???)
Far Eastern Curlew 알락꼬리마도요
Daurian Redstart 딱새
Green-backed Heron 검은댕기해오라기
Northern Lapwing 댕기울떼새
Goosander / Common Merganser 비오리
Common Teal 쇠도리
Tufted Duck 댕기흰죽지
Smew 흰비오리
Pochard (???)
Common Goldeneye 흰뺨오리
Black Coot 물닭

OTHER BIRDS listed on the pavillion walls but not included in my pictures are:

Mallard 청둥오리
White Spoonbill 노랑부리저어새
Spot-billed Duck 흰뺨검둥오리
Pintail 고방오리
European Wigeon 홍머리오리
White-fronted Goose 쇠기러기
Little Grebe 논병아리
Oriental Greenfinch 방울새
Moorhen 쇠물닭
Dunlin 민물도요
Little Ringed Plover 꼬마물떼새

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