Friday, June 27, 2014

Gwangalli Beach, Pusan

Gwangalli Beach is particularly known for its fine sand and the conveniences of a yacht club where yachting excursions, banana boat experiences, jet skis and other water fun experiences can be enjoyed.

Near the yacht club is a raw fish market for sushi-enthusiasts.  The waterfront is a line-up of cafes and coffee shops, giving Gwangalli Beach the nickname of Café Town. The cafes and coffee shops do a thriving business at night when Korea’s longest marine bridge, the Gwangan Bridge, is displayed in an artistic display of dancing and colorful lights romantically viewed from the Gwangalli Beach waterfront. The scene is particularly attractive for couples, but residents and tourists also flock to the evening light show.

unfortunately, my night-time shots were pathetic, so I borrowed a picture of
Gwangalli Bridge during the firework festival. source
During the Busan International Fireworks Festival, taking place every October, the whole Gwangalli Beach is packed. Cafes, coffee shops and restaurants are at their busiest, but for the want-to-be-fireworks viewer, tables must be arranged in advanced and at costly setbacks. During the festival, however, fireworks are intertwined with amazing high-tech laster light show effects. Over a million spectators are guestimated for this highly popular event every year.

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