Saturday, June 14, 2014

RAS 2014 Book Fair

Every summer the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch hosts a party for all its paid members. The party has traditionally been held alternately at the British embassy and the American embassy, and this is the year for the American embassy to be the host. However, the US has just made some new policies in regard to its embassy: no more parties at the embassy. The security has been getting tighter and tighter at the embassy so this really didn't come so much as a surprise, but it does seem rather odd that the US embassy didn't inform the RASKB office till the RASKB contacted them to settle on a date for the annual RASKB garden party. With that venue no longer a possibility, the RASKB asked the British embassy if they can now impose on the good will of the British for an annual party ... and we were graciously welcomed. So once again, we're back at the British embassy and their beautifully landscaped garden.

Of course the garden party is an event for selling books on Korea, and members can get a sizable discount if book purchases are made during the garden party. 

The book sale lasts through the entire party, and after words from the British ambassador, there is typically some kind of traditional music. This year we had pansori singers as well as some instrumentalists. Brother Anthony, the president of the RASKB, was even encouraged to dance to some of the traditional beats. (Unfortunately, I missed the photo moments.)

And no garden party is a party without food, and this year there was tons of simple finger foods elegantly displayed. An amazing selection eye-tasty as well as gustatory tasty variety!

grapefruit and orange flavored makgeolli - Doesn't sound too appealing but some people really liked them.

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