Saturday, June 28, 2014

Walking Dalmaji Hill, Pusan

Dalmaji Hill is a leisurely 3-hour walking course that roughly starts at Haeundae Beach and meanders all the way to the next beach to the north, the beautiful and still somewhat secluded Songjeong Beach. There are plans in the making for the subway to extend all the say to Songjeong Beach and the artsy coffee shops springing up in that town will be extensively patronized. The beach area, in anticipation of the coming subway, is already under construction. One shop I found intensely amusing there was a two-floor cat supply shop stuffed with tons of cat towers, cat carriers and cat supplies. A person shopping in Songjeong, however, would absolutely have to have a car, so I'm wondering why such a large shop can successfully operate in the at-present rather small-town area.

a modern hotel but still using some of the architectural lines of the traditional tile roof
the hotel is hosting a conference and for the opening ceremony,  real flower arrangement displays
are prepared to demonstrate the high status of the conference
a rather unusual Zen-style tree being stylistically "sculptured"
another view of the "sculptured" tree
Dalmaji Hill is an artsy place, or rather, a street of art. Along the 15-curved winding road lined with cherry blossoms and pine trees, tasteful coffee and tea shops, art boutiques, fine hotels with grassy patios and Confucian-styled gardens line the snaking road. The road is a pleasing escape from the typical metal and glass modern-day structures as many of the buildings are creative in experimental architecture designs. Dalmaji Hill was considered one of the Eight Wonders of Korea from ancient times, and this reputation of scenic beauty—although in a modern sense—remains today.

Songjeong Beach, which still has very much of a small town feeling
(just wait until the subway line is completed ...)
Dalmaji Hill was and still is much lauded for its grandeur of fading sunsets and striking moonrises. On the hill is a trail called Moontan Road. Moontan basically means “absorbing the moonlight” and following the trail among the pine trees and moonbeams at night, one can feel soothing peace and at harmony with the natural environment.

a pavilion built out over the rocks with the sea lapping at its base;
popular for sunset and moon viewings

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